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Little Bit Of History

Three and One Quarter Miles

A short 15 minute documentary about the section of the Grand Union Canal which runs through Bedfordshire. Take a short trip with us and enjoy the history.

Enjoy Summer!

The Summer Garden

The Internet Marketing Boom!

Join The Boom Today

The internet is booming with digital content and industry experts are saying that businesses who aren't adding digital film or video to their marketing strategy, for example, on their website, on Facebook and Twitter, are missing out on extra exposure and greater brand awareness!

Digital film and video is the fastest growing marketing tool that actually works! Marketing is changing and becoming more digital friendly. This new media is loved by website visitors simply because it portrays a message easily and efficiently with the spoken word and moving pictures which captivates them from the beginning.

For Hire!

If you are thinking about getting involved with digital film or video to boost your marketing potential, give me a call, it would be great to be involved with making your next marketing project the best ever and things can only get better from there. Call me on: +44 (0) 7866 556044 It could just be the most exciting call you've ever made!