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The Three P's


Preparation is key to a successful production. Let me scout locations, create the script, find the actors and create the music for your next production and give you all the information you need to be ready for a professional shoot. It would be great to start from day one with you on your next marketing project.



From informative training videos, company wide announcements, to entire video solutions for your company gatherings, I will bring experience and innovation to your production. I specialise in coordinating productions of your products, services, lectures, performances, and documentaries.



Editing your production is the final place your story can be shaped and crafted. I've been editing documentary stories, corporate messaging, lecture series, and advertisements for some time. I have the knowledge, experience and tools to craft hours of footage into moments of a well polished message and engaging story.

Lady Moura
Distinguishing Work

If you know the end result you want to achieve for your business but don’t have the time, experience or know-how to complete it? Then call me. I have the answer. Let me use my technical experience and know-how to bring your story to life.

My Service

My vision is to ensure all services are supplied on time, of the highest quality and within budget. Three key concepts form the foundation of my strategy: flexibility, compatibility and reliability...

Flexibility: Enables me to work with large companies or a one man/woman business to create their particular project on minimal budget restraints but still produce a high quality finished production.

Compatibility: I work closely with my clients to ensure the integration of personalities helping me understand their requirements and achieve their desired results.

Reliability: Nothing is too much trouble. I give every project the same enthusiasm, making sure the production runs smoothly, is delivered on-time and with a consistent quality my customers have come to expect.

Any production can be as small or as large as its requirement or budget dictates.

For Hire!

Want to do something creative with digital film or video and boost your brand awareness? Give me a call and let's make your next marketing project the best ever! Call me on: +44 (0) 7866 556044 It may just be the beginning of a great working relationship!